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My Honor Was Loyalty - Official Trailer

Title:My Honor Was Loyalty - Official Trailer
Duration:1:28 Min
Extensions:Mp3 / Mp4 /3gp / WebM / Flv VideoType: hd
Channel:MHWL Productions
Uploaded At:2014-10-14 18:04:01
The new Film of Alessandro Pepe, Produced by PROGETTO900. 1943. The story of a young german soldier who starts a heavy conflict in his head against his own thoughts. They were not all the same.. This movie is NOT propaganda. Cast: Leone Frisa, Paolo Vaccarino, Francesco Migliore, Albrecht Weimer, Gianluigi Bimbi, Alessandra Leone, Giulia Dichiaro. Production: PROGETTO900, Sahara-Slovakia, Baltijskij Flot, Cave del Moleto, Museo del Tramway, 1944. Original Soundtrack: Alessandro Pepe Recording studios: MMA STUDIOS, Under the roof studios. Come find us on Facebook! My Honor Was Loyalty - Ich bin nicht dein feind. All the rights Reserved Copyright 2015
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