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The Dewarists S01E10 - 'Masti Ki Basti' (Full Song)

Title:The Dewarists S01E10 - 'Masti Ki Basti' (Full Song)
Duration:6:20 Min
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Uploaded At:2011-12-18 19:49:58
The finale takes place in Shillong, Meghalaya -- also known as the Scotland of the East. The episode features The Raghu Dixit Project, an act that has truly pushed boundaries to make dramatic strides both in Indian and in international markets. Joining them is Guru Rewben Mashangva, a performer, songwriter, and music researcher who is hailed in the Northeast as 'The King of Naga Folk Blues'. About 'The Dewarists' - The Dewarists is a new original series. Part music documentary and part travelogue, the show features inspiring musicians collaborating to create original music while traveling to locations across India.
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